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The Best Food Near Oxbridge

Where to go when those after school cravings hit.

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As all Oxbridge students know, the food in school is second to none. However, for those times when you need food after school ends, this is a short review on some of the places near Oxbridge that are relatively inexpensive, fast and easy.



The easiest place to get food right near school is KFC. You will get delicious food in large quantities for a low price. Rumor has it that Coach Stellman is a consistent KFC customer who is a big fan of their $5 dollar fill ups.


Burger King

For those willing to go just a bit further down the road, Burger King is the next closest restaurant to Oxbridge Academy. However, online reviews tell tales of misplaced orders and slow service. Students, beware!


Domino’s Pizza

Always a good place to get a cheap pizza, Domino’s is within walking distance from Oxbridge. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, they will deliver to the front of the school. Just make sure you can muster the energy to go pick it up!



Though not a restaurant, Publix is located in the plaza on Community Drive. It offers a wide variety of foods from snacks, fresh produce, to even meals like subs and fried chicken. It’s great way to have a larger selection of foods than your average restaurant.


Pho 16

Located in the same plaza as Publix, Pho 16 is a Vietnamese restaurant that is great for those who would like to try a more exotic cuisine. The spring rolls and the Pho (soup) are delicious. The prices are even on par with those of a meal from KFC!


Chick Fil-A

If you are willing to drive a bit further down the road for quality food, Chick Fil-A is just around the corner. Chick Fil-A is known for their delicious popcorn chicken dipped in their famous Chick Fil-A sauce. Just remember that they are closed on Sundays due to their status as a religious institution.

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The Best Food Near Oxbridge